You are a hackathon team manager
Lead your brilliant team of designers, coders and businesspeople
to create amazing applications in record time!

Welcome to The Hackers!
Some things to note before getting started:

The ultimate goal is to complete your 'hack' before the other team.
To get to work, apply players to tasks on the chart by left-clicking or using the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys.
Try matching hackers to same task colors as their expertise; they'll work faster as a result.
As you complete task nodes on the chart, more will appear.
Be careful which tasks you choose: while some tasks move you forward, some can be dead ends.
As your hackers work, they'll lose energy and might fall asleep on the job, watch out!
Food will arrive when you reach the 'Minimum Viable Product' node. Hooray!
Remember to feed your team at this time so they can finish more tasks.
Be quick though, if you're not fast enough, the other team may snatch up all the food before you.

Your hackers have three traits that help them perform at hackathons: productivity, teamwork and focus.
More productive hackers finish tasks quickly,
while hackers with higher teamwork work with other hackers to finish the same task faster.
Finally, hackers with high focus will finish tasks faster when constantly assigned to work without being distracted by other tasks.

The goal is to reach the end node of the hack before the other team.
Manage your hackers wisely, move quickly, and build amazing things!

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